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KAPO (sub)
Susan Strasberg, Laurent Terzieff, Emmanuelle Riva. From director Gillo Pontecorvo ("Battle of Algiers") comes this drama about a European Jewish teenager who has been interred in a concentration camp. The camp's doctor befriends her and helps her to hide her true identity and she is put to work as a camp guard, but her new found power goes to her head. (1959) (116min)

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Robert Corff, Elaine Giftos, Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg. Director Roger Corman goes psychedelic in these two titles from his new DVD collection; in the first a deadly gas kills everyone over the age of 25 and a band of hippies goes cross-country to find utopia. The second explores that new phenomenon LSD in a script written by Jack Nicholson that follows a TV director on his first acid trip. (1971/196) (78/79min)

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Susan Strasberg, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern. The search for her brother leads Jenny, a deaf runaway to Haight-Asbury, where she falls in love with the leader of a rock band. Can she survive in a world of hippies and drugs? Musical appearances by the Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Seeds. (1968) (95 min.)

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Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Dennis Hopper, Susan Strasberg. Psychedelic saga of an acid experiment. Directed by Roger Coman, with a screenplay by Jack Nicholson. A groovy period piece from the far-out late sixties. Now you can tune in, turn on and drop out without making LSD. (1967) (85 min.)

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