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Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte, Sophie Okonedo. Don Cheadle stars in the true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsis refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda. (2004) (121 min)

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Jim Carrey, Ian McNeice, Sophie Okonedo, Tommy Davidson. Ace Ventura continues his pet sleuthing ... in Africa! His mission is to find Shikaka, a kidnapped sacred bat. If he fails, it's tribal war!! CC. (1995) (94 min.)

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David Tennant, Toby Kebbell, Sophie Okonedo. A BBC drama about a talented junior barrister who has never lost a case. But when his talent causes the prime suspect in a high-profile murder case to be acquitted, there are unexpected results. (2013) (180min)

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THE GOVERNOR: The Complete Collection
Janet McTeer, Derek Martin, Ron Donachie, Sophie Okonedo, . A gritty prison drama by acclaimed British crime writer Lynda La Plante (Prime Suspect, The Commander). After a disastrous riot at Barfield Prison, Helen Hewitt (McTeer) helps investigate an inmate’s suspicious death. When the governor of Barfield is subsequently ousted, Helen takes the job, becoming the youngest woman in charge of an all-male prison. Determined to clean up the place, she causes resentment among both prisoners and officers with her new ideas and no-nonsense attitude. Despite the odds stacked against her, Helen works tirelessly to earn the respect she deserves. With shocking plots and pointed social commentary, The Governor delivers a brutal, unflinching look at prison life and the challenges that women in power confront. (1995-6) (662min)

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THE HOLLOW CROWN: The Wars of the Roses
Sophie Okonedo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Judi Dench, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins . These three screen adaptations, Henry VI in two parts and Richard III, tell the story of 'The Wars of the Roses', an exceptionally turbulent period in British history. Shakespeare's plays are filmed in the visually breathtaking landscape and architecture of the period. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Bonneville, Judi Dench, Michael Gambon, Sally Hawkins, Sophie Okonedo & Tom Sturridge, these exhilarating and emotionally charged films feature some of Shakespeare's most eloquent and powerful language. (2015) (370min)

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Sophie Okonedo, Sam Neill, Alice Krige. In South Africa during the apartheid era, a dark-skinned baby born to a white Afrikaner couple is shunned by society, As a young woman, she begins an illicit affair with a black man and becomes torn between her family and her heart. (2008) (107min)

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Sophie Okonedo, Adrian Lester, Dennis Haysbert, Paul Brightman . Drama series in which a defence lawyer tries to finally uncover the truth of an old miscarriage of justice, while her husband goes to any lengths to conceal the truth about his own past. (2016) (361min)

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