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Sarah Lancashire, Siobhan Finneran, James Norton. Catherine Cawood is a hard-working, earthy police sergeant in Yorkshire whose work and personal life are already complicated in crime-riddled Happy Valley when Tommy Lee Royce wanders into town, freshly released from prison. Was he responsible for Catherine's daughter's death, as she believes? And will her suspicion cloud her judgment when another young girl goes missing? A superb, award-winning BBC hit with a dynamite cast and six finely wrought episodes, from one of Britain's best writers, Sally Wainwright (Last Tango in Halifax, Scott & Bailey). (2014) (352min)

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LOCH NESS Series 1
Laura Fraser, Siobhan Finneran, William Ash. The beautiful, haunting shores of Scotland's most iconic loch is the stunning backdrop for the new six-part crime drama. In a community nourished and sustained by myth and bordered by untamed nature, the search for a serial killer becomes a matter of life and death for local detective Annie Redford (Laura Fraser, Breaking Bad). Within the tightly knit town, a sense of horror begins to dawn as the villagers realize that there is more than one kind of monster in their midst. (2016) (275min)

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