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Sharon Stone, Rupert Everett. During a military campaign in Beirut, Kim (Rupert Everett) and Eleanor (Sharon Stone) begin a love affair. Things take a twist when Kim disappears and Eleanor, chased by the CIA, finds her lover is a KGB man. (2004) (91 min.)

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$5 A DAY
Christopher Walken, Sharon Stone, Amanda Peet. An eccentric con-artist and deadbeat dad is diagnosed with a serious illness so his son reluctantly agrees to drive him cross country for experimental medical treatment. (2008) (98min)

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Steven Seagal, Pam Grier, Sharon Stone. This cop grew up on Chicago's South Side, trained in Japan to become an aikido master, and served in 'Nam with the CIA. When he and his partner lead a raid that uncovers explosives instead of drugs, a nightmare from his past returns. CC. (1988) (99 min.)

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Sharon Stone, Emile Hirsch, Bruse Willis. When a suburban L.A. drug dealer is double-crossed by a rival dealer, the situation quickly spins out of control and climaxes in an impulsive kidnapping. (2007) (118min)

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Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone. A special edition that includes controversial footage cut from the original release. There's a conversation with director Paul Verhoeven, interviews with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone and the theatrical trailer that was not shown at the movies! CC. (1992) (150 min.)

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Sharon Stone, David Morrissey, Charlotte Rampling. The femme fatale Sharon Stone made famous in Basic Instinct returns in a new steamy, erotic thriller. (2006) (116 min.)

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Billy Connolly, Sharon Stone. A dying florist is mistaken for a high level gangster when he approaches the mob for money that was stolen from him in this wacky caper. (2000) (98min)

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Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright, Sharon Stone. Jim Jarmusch’s latest film concerns an aging Don Juan who sets out on a cross-country trip in an attempt to locate the 19 year-old son that he may or may not have. (2005) (106 min.)

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Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, James Woods. Based on real-life underworld figures Frank Lefty Rosenthal and Tony The Ant Spilotro. See how the mob builds gambling operations in Vegas in the '60s, and how through greed, hot tempers, violence and deception, their empire crumbles! CC. (1995) (179 min.)

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Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, Sharon Stone. Shy artist Patience Phillips is a graphic designer at a large cosmetics company. When she stumbles upon a sinister secret that the corporation is hiding, her life is changed forever and she is out for revenge. (2004) (104min)

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Sharon Stone, Dennis QUaid, Stephen Dorff. After leaving the streets of NYC behind, a married couple and their kids move into a mansion in the countryside. There's only one catch: the heir apparent has just been released from prison and he wants his house back. (2003)

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Sharon Stone, Chazz Palminteri, Isabelle Adjani, Kathy Bates. In this remake of a French classic, the wife of an abusive school headmaster and his mistress conspire to kill him. Once it's done, however, they suspect that he's not dead. When a female detective gets involved, things start to unravel! CC. (1996) (108 min.)

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