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Sarah Michelle Geller, Jason Behr, Bill Pullman. American remake of a Japanese horror tale about a curse that causes it's victims to die in the grip of a rage and then pass the curse on to a new victim. (2004) (96min)

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Sarah Michelle Geller, Amber Tamblyn. When a young woman discovers that her sister has been hospitalized in Tokyo she rushes to her side. She soon learns that a fatal supernatural curse has been unleashed and she is powerless to stop it. (2006) (108min)

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Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Geller, Sean William Scott. From writer/director Richard Kelly ("Donnie Darko") comes this satirical apocalyptic comedy set in Los Angeles in the near future as it stands on the brink of disaster. lt features an action movie star with amnesia, a porn star with her own reality show, and a police officer who holds the key to a vast conspiracy (2006) (144min)

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