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Van Heflin, Robert Ryan, Ricardo Montalban, Sally Forrest. From the new Film Noir Classic Collection comes this double feature. The first film is about an ex-WWII pilot who is a respectable family man until his troubled bombadier shows up with a score to settle. The second feature is about a Boston cop solving a whodunit with the help of a Harvard forensic expert. (1948/50) (82/93min)

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Sally Forrest, Keefe Brasselle, Leo Penn, Rita Lupino. A waitress has a one-night stand that results in an unwanted pregnancy, sending her life out of control. A powerful film by Ida Lupino, who wrote, produced and directed this honest look at the plight of some American women. (1949) (94 min.)

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Charles Laughton, Boris Karloff, Sally Forrest. Driven by hatred, an evil French nobleman imprisons his brother in the dungeon for stealing the woman of his dreams and forces his neice to marry what appears to be a wayfaring beggar. What he doesn't know is that the beggar is really a prince! CC. (1951) (81 min.)

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