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Richard Burton, Dominic Guard. This gripping and dramatic story takes place at an English boarding school, and tells the strange tale of the bizarre and twisted relationship between Father Goddard and his prize student (1979 (95 min.)

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Richard Burton, Fredric March, Danielle Darrieux. Lavish production of the epic tale of the Greek conqueror who united Europe and Asia. (1956) (135 min.)

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Richard Burton, Genevieve Bujold, Irene Papas. Engrossing historical drama about Henry VIll's love for the beautiful Anne Boleyn. Even though King Henry defied both the Pope and the Emperor of Spain to win her, she eventually faces his wrath - and the executioner - when she is unable to bear him a son. (1969) (145 min.)

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Richard Burton, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider. Exile wasn't far enough away for the Russian leader's enemies: they hunted him down and shot him in Mexico. A brilliant cast brings Joseph Losey's historical thriller to vivid life (1972) (102 min.)

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Peter O'Toole; Richard Burton, John Gielgud. Stunning movie about a man who must choose between his conscience and his king. Based on the play by Jean Anouilh, the film won 3 Academy Awards. (1964) (148 min.)

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Richard Burton, Ruth Roman, Curt Jugens. A World War II drama from veteran director Nicholas Ray about two British Army Officers stationed in the Sahara desert who are assigned to stage a raid Nazi General Rommel?s headquarters. (1957) (102min)

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Raquel Welch, Richard Burton, Virna Lisi, Joey Heatherton. How could anyone be sick enough to kill wives like Joey, Virna, Sybil Danning, Nathalie Delon and Marilu Tolo? Is Raquel next? (1972) (128 min.)

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Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. A dying woman, who feels she has nothing to live for, is befriended by a travelling poet in this adaptation of Tennessee Williams' play "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore". (1968) (112min)

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Richard Burton, Angie Dickinson, Barbara Rush. A hard-working doctor mercifully lets a terminally ill man pass away. The people of the sleep Cape Cod town question whether his interests were professional or personal because he is in love with the man's wife. (1960) (104 min.)

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Ewa Aulin, Richard Burton, Marlon Brando. A na?ve young woman discovers her own sexuality and is pursued by just about every man she encounters. (1968) (123min)

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Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison. Cleopatra's passionate love for two great men - Caesar and Marc Antony - gets the multimillion-dollar treatment it deserves in this 1963 spectacle. Written and directed by Joseph L. (1963) (246 min.)

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Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Alec Guinness. A stellar cast stars in this adaptation of Graham Greene's novel about political intrigue in Haiti. Also stars Peter Ustinov, Paul Ford, Lillian Gish, and Cicely Tyson. (1967) (148 min.)

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