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Mel Gibson, Irene Bedard. The daughter of a Native American tribe chief and English soldier share a romance when English colonists invade 16th century Virginia. (1995) (81 min)

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Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Nancy Travis. This high-flying adventure teams a veteran pilot (Gibson) with a traffic helicopter pilot (Downey Jr.) to fly secret missions for the CIA in Laos The cargo they're transporting is illegal, but the action and the laughter aren't! CC. (1990) (113 min.)

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Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernandez, Jonathan Brewer. From Mel Gibson, director of "The Passion of the Christ," comes another historical epic that transports us to the twilight of the mysterious Mayan culture. A young man is captured and taken to a place where he faces a horrible death, but his love for his wife and son compel him to escape. (2006) (138min)

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Mel Gibson, John Phillip Law, Sam Neill. A young Mel Gibson leads an Australian commando unit on a daring rescue mission to an island controlled by the Japanese during WWII. This gutsy Aussie film went by almost unnoticed during its release. Jump in the foray. mate. (1981) (84 min.)

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Mel Gibson, Cherry Jones, Jodie Foster. A once happily married family man, now separated from his wife and dealing with an extreme case of depression, uses a beaver hand-puppet as his only means of communication. (2011) (91min)

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Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn, David Carradine. Rick's (Mel) in the process of getting a new identity from the FBI after helping to put away a criminal. And he's been spotted by an old flame (Goldie). Now the pair is on the run from the guy Rick put away. CC. (1990) (110 min.)

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Mel Gibson, Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna. An ex-con reunites with his estranged wayward 17-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her. (2016) (88min)

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Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier. It's mutiny, Mister Christian, mutiny. This memorable retelling of the famous saga of cruelty on the high seas offers interesting insights into the characters of both Captain Bligh and Mister Christian. A gripping combination of drama and high adventure. (1984) (130 min.)

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Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan. Gibson stars as the real-life 13th-century Scottish hero William Wallace. He rallied the Scots against the tyranny of British Monarch Edward I to win freedom for his people, and gave up his life for the cause! Winner of 5 Academy Awards! CC. (1995) (177 min.)

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Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart, Cyik Cozart. Fletcher, a New York cabbie is in a heap of trouble when he airs his conspiracy theory on the Internet. Now some dangerous people want him dead, and only a Justice Department attorney can help him. But she has a mysterious murder of her own to solve. CC. (1997) (135 min.)

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Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson. Having finally gotten used to each other's existence, Brad and Dusty must now deal with their intrusive fathers during the holidays. (2017) (100min)

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Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston. A Boston cop investigates the murder of his daughter by a bullet that he believes was meant for him. (2010) (117min)

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