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ACROSS THE LINE: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
Aidan Quinn, Mario Van Peebles, Gina Gershon . A billionaire financial whiz goes into self-imposed exile after the biggest investment fraud in U.S. history. In Tijuana while searching for a woman he had abandoned 20 years earlier, he finds that he and and his $2 billion dollar stash are being pursued by an FBI agent, a powerful crime boss and a Russian mob hit man. (2010) (95min)

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Mario Van Peebles, Nia Long, Ossie Davis. This film about the making of the groundbreaking 1971 feature "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasss Song" chronicles the struggles of director Melvin Van Peebles to finish his film. Directed, co-written and starring Van Peebles son, Mario. (2003) (108min)

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Jay Hernandez, Mario Van Peebles, Sean Combs. This action-packed prequel to "Carlito's Way" depicts the rise of infamous ganster, Carlito Brigante. (2005) (100 min.)

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Mario Van Peebles, Christopher Lambert, Denis Leary. A renegade federal agent and a drug smuggler team up to find a hidden $400 million treasure. They are pursued across two continents and a jungle as they race to find the money first. But they must also face each other when it's time to split the loot. CC. (1994) (97 min.)

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Christopher Lambert, Mario Van Peebles, Deborah Unger, Mako. The final episode of the action-packed series. The immortal Conner MacLeod travels through centuries for the last time, still pursued by the evil Kane. The story takes place in four countries and it's the final battle between good and evil! (1994)

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Wesley Snipes, Mario Van Peebles, Judd Nelson. Director Mario Van Peebles gives us a fresh look at urban gangster movies with this chronicle of the rise and fall of a New York drug kingpin. He's got an empire of crack-addled addicts, and it's going to be tough for the big city cops to bring him in. CC. (1991) (101 min.)

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Mario Van Peebles, Stephen Baldwin, Billy Zane. A '90s look at the Wild West. It chronicles the story of a group of outlaws who ride together, fight together and make their own justice where there is none. Return to the American frontier! CC. (1993) (113 min.)

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Mario Van Peebles, William Sadler, Adrien Brody. Peebles is outstanding as Solo, the perfect soldier. He is the ultimate covert weapon, an android with no attachments. However, he is programmed to learn, and he discovers the value of life, putting him on a collision course with those in charge! CC. (1996) (94 min.)

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