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Lior Ashkenazi, Rotem Keinan, Tzahi Grad. In this crime thriller from Israel, the lives of three men are put on a collision course by a series of brutal murders (2013) (110min)

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Shlomo Bar Aba, Lior Ashkenazi, Alisa Rosen. This Oscar-nominated film from Israel is the tale of a great rivalry between a father and son who are eccentric professors and who have dedicated their lives to the study of the Talmud. (2011) (106min)

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Richard Gere, Lior Ashkenazi, Michael Sheen . Norman Oppenheimer is a small time operator who befriends a young politician at a low point in his life. Three years later, when the politician becomes an influential world leader, Norman's life dramatically changes for better and worse. (2016) (118min)

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Lior Ashkenazi, Knut Berger, Caroline Peters. From director Eytan Fox (Yossi & Jagger) comes this Israeli thriller about a secret serviceman who finds himself tangled in a web of hidden truths when he is sent to assassinate a former Nazi war criminal. (2004) (103 min.)

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YOSSI (sub)
Ohad Knoller, Oz Zehavi, Lior Ashkenazi. From Israeli director Eytan Fox ("The Bubble,") comes this sequel to his acclaimed film "Yossi & Jagger." Ten years later, Yossi is now a respected cardiologist. But he's still in the closet until he meets someone while on vacation who opens up a new world to him. (2012) (85min)

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