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Martha Plimpton, Kevin Anderson, Hal Holbrook. A southern waitress weds a born-again prisoner she corresponds with for a few years. Is it too late to her when the mask is taken off and the violence appears? (1996) (88 min.)

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Bruce Willis, Emily Lloyd, Joan Allen, Kevin Anderson. Bruce gives a powerhouse performance in this change-of-pace role as an embittered Vietnam vet. Emily plays a Kentucky teenager who never really knew her dad, who died in the war. She goes to visit her uncle, and discovers that some wounds never heal. CC. (1989) (116 min.)

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Kevin Anderson, Bill Pullman, Pamela Gidley, Kim Novak. A friendship among an architectural expert, his old college buddy, and his friend's wife is strangely similar to a situation that led to a sexually motivated double murder 40 years in the past. A triangle of lust and murder in a tangled web! CC. (1991) (109 min.)

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Matthew Broderick, Annabella Sciorra, Kevin Anderson. Three strangers in need of a retreat from love relationships get an apartment together. They never meet, but get to know each tether by their habits. Ellen and Sam develop an attraction. When Sam and Brian switch nights, hilarious comical mishaps occur. (1992) (99 min.)

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Albert Finney, Matthew Modine, Kevin Anderson. A slick gangster has been kidnapped by two street punks. But the three of them are about to get an education far beyond their wildest dreams in this film based on the award-winning Broadway play. CC. (1987) (116 min.)

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Vanessa Redgrave, Kevin Anderson, Brad Sullivan. A quiet southern town is about to come alive in this new version of the Tennessee Williams classic. A young stranger has come to town and stirred the dormant passions of Lady Torrance. But her dying husband Jabe has other ideas! An explosive triangle! CC. (1990) (117 min.)

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Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergin, Kevin Anderson. Freeing herself from emotional and physical torture by her husband, Sara fakes her death, assumes a new identity in a different town and falls in love with a drama teacher. But her psychotic husband has tracked her down, and wants her back! CC. (1991) (99 min.)

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John Lithgow, Rosanna Arquette, Kevin Anderson. An American sailor, seen leaving the home of a murdered smuggler, is being pursued for the crime. He panics and hitches a ride with an unusual couple who get him caught up in double deals and double crosses that endanger his life. CC. (1993) (98 min.)

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