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Samuel L. Jackson, John Heard, Kelly Rowan, Clifton Gonzalez. A Brooklyn teacher is stabbed by one of his high school students. Trying to get a fresh start in L.A., he ends up in a school where wolf-like bullies control the classroom and teachers fear lawsuits. 187 is the California police code for murder. CC. (1997) (119 min.)

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Dominic Purcell, Erin Karpluk, John Heard. A man with a well-paying job and a loving family loses everything when the economy crashes. (2013) (97min)

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Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, John Heard, Julie Kavner. Dr. Sayer finally will get a chance to test an experimental drug in his Bronx hospital. The drug causes a break in a form of encephalitis that's afflicted Leonard Lowe. He's back in the real world after 30 years, but for how long? CC. (1990) (120 min.)

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Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey, John Heard, Spalding Gray. Bette gives an intense performance in Garry Marshall's film, which chronicles the relationship of two friends over the years. CC Bloom (Bette) and Hillary Whitney (Barbara) come from different worlds, but the bond between them remains strong. CC. (1988) (123 min.)

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Debra Winger, Tom Berenger, John Heard, John Mahoney. When an FBI agent goes undercover to uncover a suspected killer, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him instead. When she investigates further, she comes upon a world of right-wing fanaticism, hatred and violence. CC. (1988) (128 min.)

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John Heard, Jeff Goldblum, Marilu Henner, Lindsay Crouse. A real winner about the staff of an underground Boston newspaper about to be bought by a tycoon. (1977) (101 min.)

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Patrick Wilson, Neal McDonough, John Heard. A man is summoned by his two brothers to meet them at a remote cabin in the woods. One of them makes a shocking confession concerning their father and they realize that they cannot ignore the past any longer. (2007) (102min)

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John Heard, Mary Beth Hurt. He's surrounded by women and they're driving him crazy. His mother is doing laxatives like they are Life Savers, his girlfriend can't decide whether to stay or go, and his dateless secretary has her eye on him. (1979) (93 min.)

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Jeff Bridges, John Heard, Lisa Eichhorn, Nina Van Pallandt. Gripping story of two losers who try to solve a murder. Based on Newton Thornburg's great novel Cutter and Bone. (1981) (109 min.)

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Goldie Hawn, John Heard, Ashley Peldon. Adrienne has it all: husband, daughter, and a successful career. But her perfect husband is killed and it seems she didn't know him as well as she thought! Now there are strange mysteries about him and evidence that is life-threatening! CC. (1991) (108 min.)

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Dyan Cannon, John Heard. She was the perfect daughter, wife and mother to her children and a great employee. But a major crisis has come up and Stephanie Lewis is forced to take a long hard look at her career and herself. Written and directed by Dyan Cannon. CC. (1990) (102 min.)

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Craig Sheffer, John Heard, Joanna Cassidy. Protecting the U.S. President from an affair turned deadly causes Nick Sager to guard his own life when people directly involved in the cover-up are also found dead. Suspenseful and dangerous! (1997)

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