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1911 (sub)
Jackie Chan, Bingbing Li, Joan Chen. An epic historical drama set at the beginning of the 20th century when China was split into warring factions and ordinary citizens began to openly revolt to overthrow the out-of-touch Qing Dynasty. (2011) (99min)

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24 CITY (sub)
Jianbin Chen, Joan Chen, Liping Lu. From Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke ("The World") comes this film that chronicles the closing of a once-prosperous state-owned aeronautics factory and its conversion into a luxury apartment complex. (2008) (112min)

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Matt Dillon, Joan Chen, Bruno Kirby. Tzi Ma, Stan Egl. Mystery and intrigue abound in this suspense thriller shot in San Francisco. A young FBI agent must live with sending an innocent man to jail. Years later he must face his past and choose between honor and passion. (1994)

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Tommy Lee Jones, Joan Chen, Haing S. Ngor, Thi Hiep Le. This is the final chapter in Stone's Vietnam trilogy. It traces Le Ly Hayslip's life from innocent Vietnamese farmgirl to guerrilla to her life as a writer in California. Tommy Lee Jones is the American soldier who brings her to the U.S. CC. (1993) (142 min.)

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Christopher Lambert, John Lone, Joan Chen, Yoshio Harada. An American executive in Japan and his sexy companion are the targets of ruthless assassins. He joins forces with a samurai warrior who has an ancient grudge to settle. Together they fight to stay alive in a web of danger and intrigue. Action-packed! CC. (1995) (111 mm.))

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Greta Scacchi, Joan Chen, Jack Thompson, Art Malik. In the 1970s, an Australian photojournalist travels to Malaysia to do a story on the plight of the Vietnamese Boat People. She befriends a former callgirl who is searching for her own lost children among the refugees. Based on the novel Turtle Beach. CC. (1992) (105 min.)

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John Lone, Joan Chen, Peter O'Toole, Ying Ruocheng. Bertolucci's epic biography of China's last divine ruler won nine Oscars. It follows the life of Pu Yi, the last emperor, from his youth in the Forbidden City to rule under the Japanese and eventually imprisonment and acceptance by the Communists. CC. (1987) (164 min.)

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Tony Leung, Tang Wei, Joan Chen. From director Ang Lee ("Brokeback Mountain") comes this film set in 1940s China when a young woman is swept up in a plot to assassinate a ruthless secret intelligence agent. (2007) (159min)

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Bruce Greenwood,Kyle MacLachlin, Joan Chen . From Australian director Bruce Beresford ("Tender Mercies,""Driving Miss Daisy") comes this powerful drama based on the true story of a peasant boy from rural China who beats impossible odds to become a world-renowned ballet dancer. (2009) (117min)

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Steven Seagal, Michael Caine, Joan Chen, John C. McGinley. Forrest Taft specializes in putting out oil-rig fires. When he finds out that his employers ore risking the environment at their Alaskan drilling site, he decides to shut them down ... at any cost! This directorial debut delivers real action! CC. (1994) (102 min.)

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Joan Chen, Michelle Krusiec, Lynn Chen. A Chinese-American widow moves in with her grown daughter and we discover that both women harbor secrets that go against their culture's traditions. (2004) (91 min.)

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Don Hany, Joan Chen, Maeve Dermody. From Australian TV comes this mini-series set in Singapore in the 1960s. A former Australian army intelligence officer is recruited by a woman with a detective agency to work on some cases. (2013) (557min)

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