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Geoffrey Rush, Charlize Theron, Emily Watson. Based on the biography of the same name, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers is a story of the comic actor who immortalized Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series, and whose personal life clashed with stardom, while he was an individual completely immersed in the characters he portrayed. (2004) (122 min.)

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Emily Watson, Robert Carlyle, Joe Breen. Frank McCourt's autobiographical tale of of growing up in 1930's Limerick with an alcoholic father and severely depressed mother, comes to life in this engrossing drama. (1999) (145min)

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Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin, Mark Bonnar . From the BBC comes this provocative thriller in which an eminent scientist is caught up in a damaging and compromising lie. Based on the novel by Louise Doughty. (2017) (239min)

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Daniel Day-Lewis, Emily Watson, Brian Cox, Ken Stott. When Danny, a convicted IRA member, returns home after a 14-year prison sentence and hopes to reclaim his former !over, frustration erupts for those who are close to him. Nominated for three Golden Globe Awards. CC (1997) (110 min.)

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Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson, Sophie Nelisse. This drama, based on the best-selling novel, is the story of a young girl in WWII Germany whose mother gives her up for adoption. Her adoptive parents encourage her to read and she befriends a Jewish man who is hiding from the Nazis in their house. (2013) (131min)

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Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgard, Katrin Cartlidge. When a religious woman prays for her husband to come home, she thinks his becoming paralyzed is her fault. As repentance, she sacrifices her own morality in this erotic drama. Emily Watson received an Academy Award Nomination. CC (1996) (152 min.)

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Emily Watson, Ricky Gervais, Ralph Fiennes. From the award-winning team behind the British TV series "The Office" comes this comedy set in 70s England where three outcast friends drink, joke, fight and chase girls while dreaming of escaping their blue-collar hometown. (2010) (95min)

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Voices of: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson. Animated feature from director Tim Burton ("Edward Scissorhands," "Nighmare Before Christmas"). After inadvertently marrying a corpse bride, a young man is carried off to the underworld where he must find a way back to his true love. (2005) (77 min)

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Paul Giamatti, David Straithairn, Emily Watson. An existential comedy about an actor in rehearsals for a productgion of "Uncle Vanya" who finds his soul growing too heavy under the weight of that play. He hears about a doctor who extracts and stores souls and decides to undergo the procedure. (2009) (101min)

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Stephanie Leonidas, Joe Flynn, Emily Watson. A young soccer player whose mom works at a secret research center gains access to their prototype time machine. He attempts to go back in time in order to replay his latest soccer match, but due to a data-input error, the machine takes him back to the year 1212. (2006) (100min)

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Anthony Hopkins, Ian McKellen, Emily Watson, Vanessa Kirby. One fateful night in a small English regional theatre during World War II, a troupe of touring actors stage a production of Shakespeare s King Lear. Bombs are falling, sirens are wailing, the curtain is up in an hour but the actor/manager Sir (Anthony Hopkins) who is playing Lear is nowhere to be seen. His dresser Norman (Ian McKellen) must scramble to keep the production alive but will Sir turn up in time? And if he does, will he be able to perform that night? (2015) (105min)

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Christian Bale, Emily Watson, Taye Diggs. In a futuristic society where it is outlawed to have feelings, one cop realizes what he has been missing all this time. Martial arts plus special effects add up to one exciting Sci-Fi thrill ride! (2003) (107min)

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