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Don Hany, Susie Porter, Aaron Fa'aoso. Zane Malik is a Muslim detective on Sydney's Major Crime Squad in a suspicious post-9/11 world. A good husband, father and dedicated cop he has one main problem on the job: an old-school policeman for whom rules and regulations play a poor second to getting results. This award-winning Australian TV series explores the conflict that exists between East and West and Muslim and non-Muslim. (2007) (324min)

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EAST WEST 101 Series 2
Don Hany, Susie Porter, Aaron Fa'aoso. A bomb explosion is immediately attributed to the work of Islamic extremists. A task force is formed to deal with the case, but Malik has doubts and begins to suspect that the motive was something different. When he discovers that issues of national security may have played a part in the killing, Malik must go undercover to unravel the conspiracy and prevent the looming threat of more attacks. (2009) (378min)

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Don Hany, Joan Chen, Maeve Dermody. From Australian TV comes this mini-series set in Singapore in the 1960s. A former Australian army intelligence officer is recruited by a woman with a detective agency to work on some cases. (2013) (557min)

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