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Adam Goldberg, Julie Delpy, Daniel Bruhl. Actress Julie Delpy makes her directorial debut with this comedy about a neurotic New Yorker and his free-spirited Parisian girlfriend. When they decide to visit her hometown, her sexually perverse and emotionally unstable family and her many ex-lovers cause her boyfriend to have second thoughts. (2007) (104min)

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Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Bruhl, Laura Linney. This thriller based upon true events tells the story of the founder of WikiLeaks and his mission to expose fraud and corruption to the world. (2013) (128min)

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Julie Delpy, Daniel Bruhl, William Hurt. Actress Julie Delpy wrote, directed and stars in this period drama based on the legendary tale of the real Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a powerful woman driven to madness by unfulfilled passion. (2008) (99min)

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Daniel Bruhl, Julia Jentsch, Stipe Erceg. A drama from Austria about three young radicals who come up against a businessman who is himself a former leftist activist and is not impressed by their attempts to enlighten him. (2004) (124 min.)

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Daniel Bruhl, Katrin Sass, Chulpan Khamatova. A devoted East German socialist awakens from a coma eight months after the Berlin Wall has fallen to find a very different world. (2004) (121min)

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Thomas Kretschmann, Daniel Bruhl, John Malkovich. In the chaos following World War II, a group of German POWs are mistakenly sent to a female-run Soviet prison camp. The prisoners then play a bitter game of cat and mouse with the guards who are attempting to identify the SS officers. (2006) (90min)

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Clive Owen, Carice van Houten, Daniel Bruhl. Thriller about two children living in different countries who are visited nightly by a faceless being that tries to take possession of them. (2011) (100min)

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RUSH (2013)
Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde. From award-winning director Ron Howard ("A Beautiful Mind") comes this film based on the true story of the legendary rivalry between the Formula 1 rivals, British playboy James Hunt and his Austrian opponent Niki Lauda. (2013) (123min)

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