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Craig Wasson, Gregg Henry, Melanie Griffith. An unemployed young actor, who becomes obsessed with a woman he's been watching through a telescope, finds himself drawn into a world of pornography and murder. DePalma draws freely from Hitchcock in this spine-tingling look at voyeurism and sexuality. CC. (1984) (114 min.)

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Jodie Foster, Gary Busey. A fascinating vision of carnival life, featuring Robbie Robertson of The Band, who also produced and co-authored this look at life on the edge. Meg Foster and Craig Wasson round out the cast. (1980) (106 min.)

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Craig Wasson, Jodi Melen, Arthur Penn, Jim Metzler. Moving story about growing up in the sixties. The kind of movie that makes you laugh and cry and leaves you with Georgia on your mind. (1981) (115 min.)

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Burt Lancaster, Craig Wasson, Marc Singer, Joe Unger. A gritty, realistic portrayal of a man caught in the violence of the Vietnam War. Burt is the tough commander of G.I.s who face death daily at the hands of the Viet Cong. (1978) (114 min.)

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