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Ibtissem Djouadi, Bahia Rachedi. A look at terrorism in Algeria through the eyes of Rachida, a teacher in one of the school districts. (2002) (100 min)

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Matheus Nachtergaele, Jonas Bloch. Short stories revolving around a bar and a hotel in Recife, unveil a mosaic of exotic characters living in the Brazilian underground: a butcher married with an evangelical woman, a necrophile in love with a bar owner, a transvestite, and many others. (2002) (103 min)

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Albert Cullum. School teacher Albert Cullum helped revolutionize classrooms with his innovative lessons. Choosing subject matter that deliberately rubbed against the grain of what was being taught at the time, Cullum introduced drama, poetry, and other (at the time) unheard of devices to help the flow of knowledge prosper. (1964) (42 min)

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CONFESSION takes a look at the inhabitants of a Russian naval ship as it sails through the treacherous Arctic waters. (1998) (210 min)

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Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Rod Steiger. Jubal Troop (Glenn Ford) is an honest, well-intentioned cowhand who has come into town looking for work. When he is injured in a riding accident, rancher Shep Horgan (Ernest Borgnine) offers him a job tending horses, but before long trouble is brewing and Morgan?s coquettish wife, Mae (Valerie French) falls for Jubal. (1956) (100 min)

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Sheng Chiang, Philip Kwok. A dying teacher instructs his final student to check on the activities of five former pupils, each of whom he taught a unique and special style of kung-fu to: The Centipede, Snake, Scorpion, Lizard, and Toad (hence the title). (1978) (97 min)

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Cornel Wilde, Rip Torn. Set on a remote Pacific island, Captain MacDonald (Wilde) and Sergeant Honeywell (Torn) must locate and eliminate Japanese enemy forces among some treacherous terrain. But with their enemies far better equipped at dealing with the conditions, the Americans have to battle hard to make any headway. (1967) (105 min)

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Gérard Jugnot, Francois Berléand. The new teacher at a severely administered boys' boarding school works to positively effect the students' lives through music. (2004) (96 min)

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John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, Paul Fix. William Wellman's BLOOD ALLEY begins with the inhabitants of a local Chinese village liberating political prisoner Captain Tom Wilder (John Wayne). The oppressed villagers are disillusioned by communism's stranglehold and want the former merchant marine to sail their ship through the treacherous Formosa Straits--the infamous Blood Alley--to Hong Kong and freedom. (1955) (115 min)

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Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Chris O'Donnell. Biopic about the life and career of famed sex researcher Alfred Kinsey who created a sensation in 1948 with his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. (2004) (118 min.)

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Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mads Mikkelsen, Line Kruse. Black comedy from Denmark about 2 friends who decide to open their own butcher shop and accidentally create a specialty that has customers coming back for more. (2003) (95 min.)

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Terrence Howard, Bernie Mac, Kimberly Elise . An inspiring story based upon true events involving a charasmatic school teacher who started an African-American swim team in one of Philadelphia's roughest neighborhoods. (2007) (109min)

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