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Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff, Angie Harmon. A regular kid is trained by the CIA as junior agent so that he can get close to a classmate whose father is hatching a diabolical scheme in this thrilling family adventure. (2003) (102min)

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Christian Slater, Selma Blair, Angie Harmon. Christian Slater (True Romance) stars in this high-intensity thriller about a young couple that gets caught in web of deceit when their brokerage firm takes on a Russian oil cartel as a client. (2005) (108 min)

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Cuba Gooding, Jr., James Woods, Angie Harmon. Political thriller about a secret service agent who blames himself for the shooting of the U.S. President. He teams up with a news reporter to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy. (2005) (96 min.)

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