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ACROSS THE LINE: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
Aidan Quinn, Mario Van Peebles, Gina Gershon . A billionaire financial whiz goes into self-imposed exile after the biggest investment fraud in U.S. history. In Tijuana while searching for a woman he had abandoned 20 years earlier, he finds that he and and his $2 billion dollar stash are being pursued by an FBI agent, a powerful crime boss and a Russian mob hit man. (2010) (95min)

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Michael Learned, Aidan Quinn. Based on the acclaimed Arthur Miller play, this is the drama of a man who will do anything to protect his family's name and honor. His overwhelming pride conceals darker secrets in his past. (1986) (122 min.)

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Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland, Ben Kingsley, Claudia Ferri. An American naval officer, Ramirez, is a dead-ringer for the phantom international terrorist Carlos, who has eluded capture by the FBI and Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. Ramirez is recruited to help bring Carlos to justice. CC. (1997) (115 min.)

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Tom Berenger, John Lithgow, Kathy Bates, Aidan Quinn. Sent to the Brazilian rain forest to drive the Niaruna indians off their land, an embittered mercenary instead joins the tribe. When he encounters a zealous Christian missionary hoping to convert the indians, the men are forced to reexamine their lives. CC. (1991) (186 min.)

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Armin Mueller-Stahl, Aidan Quinn, Elizabeth Perkins. This film is a touching look at various generations of an immigrant Jewish family in post-WWII America. Barry (Rain Man) Levinson directs the story of four brothers and their families, who try to blend their new lifestyle with traditions of the past. CC. (1990) (126 min.)

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Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn. Charming and magical, Joon and Sam are perfectly mismatched in this heartwarming story. Joon is a schizophrenic woman cared for by an overprotective brother and Sam is a dyslexic charmer who's obsessed with silent comedy films. CC. (1993) (98 min.)

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Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn, James Remar, Peter Friedman. An erotic mystery with Stowe as a blind musician who recovers her sight and witnesses a murder. Amid lapses in her sight and hallucinations, she works with the detective assigned to the case to stop a serial killer. A real thriller!! CC. (1993) (106 min.)

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Aidan Quinn, Adam Beach, August Schellenberg. From HBO Films comes this adaptation of the acclaimed bestseller that begins with the Sioux triumph at Little Big Horn and then shows the struggle between the Native Americans and the U.S. gvernment. (2007) (132min)

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Aidan Quinn, Courteney Cox. Anthony LaPaglia. After a string of devastating tragedies, a decent man decides to get even with God by breaking each of the Ten Commandments, one at a time! A witty, sometimes dark, romantic comedy. CC. (1996) (92 min.)

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Connie Nielsen, Aidan Quinn, Kelly Preston. A woman on death row for murder is befriended by a man through mail correspondance while her attorney tries to appeal her verdict. (2005) (108 min.)

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Aidan Quinn, Ade Sapara. A greedy slave trader makes one trip too many, and has his ship blown apart during a raging storm. The only survivor of his crew, Crusoe is about to be stalked by the flesh-eating cannibals he used to enslave. CC. (1989) (95 min.)

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Meryl Streep, Aidan Quinn, Liu Ye. A drama about a Chinese student at an American university whose chances of winning a Nobel prize are dashed by school politics. (2007) (88min)

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