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PUSHER (2012)
Richard Coyle, Bronson Webb, Agyness Deyn. A thriller from the UK about a London drug dealer who grows increasingly desperate after a botched deal leaves him at the mercy of a ruthless crime boss. (2012) (89min)

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Peter Mullan, Agyness Deyn, Mark Bonnar . From British director Terence Davies ("Distant Voices, Still Lives,""The House of Mirth") comes this film set in the years before the Great War and spanning six years in the life of a girl named Chris, one of the numerous children of a tyrannical Scottish farmer. Years of high hopes and of disillusionment, of mirth and sorrow, of dreaming and toiling, of sweetness and violence, of love and hate, of peace and war. And in the end, the dignified loneliness of a new Chris, a woman who seems to have gone through several lives, now and forever as one with the land, the earth eternal... (2015) (135min)

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