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Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito. The dark superhero returns to face two of his most vile enemies: the Catwoman, who plays a sneaky love-hate game with the caped one, and the Penguin, who hatches a diabolical scheme to rule Gotham City. A stylish, fast-paced thriller. CC. (1992) (126 min.)

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Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer. Stephen Frears' film won 3 Oscars: Best Screenplay, Art Direction and Costume Design. The sexual power games played by the upper class in 18th-century France are explored, as Valmont takes a bet that he can't seduce the beautiful Madame de Tourvel. CC. (1988) (120 min.)

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Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter. From director Tim Burton ("Alice in Wonderland,""Sweeney Todd") comes this comic, campy vampire film based on the popular 60s TV show. (2012) (113min)

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Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Tilly. When the piano-playing Baker brothers find a good-looking young singer, they think that she'll be their ticket to the big time. But the road to success is a rocky one, and they may get caught in an emotional triangle. Michelle performs Makin' Whoopee. CC. (1989) (116 min.)

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Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones. From director Luc Besson ("Leon the Professional,""The Fifth Element") comes this comedy about a Mafia boss and his family who are relocated to a small town in France under the witness protection program. (2013) (111min)

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Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Nelligan, Hector Elizondo. These lovers were meant to be together - but neither of them knows it. Michelle Pfeiffer plays a down-and-out waitress who's given up on love. Al Pacino plays a short-order cook who talks a good game, but never seems to get the girl. CC. (1991) (117 min.)

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Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, Adrian Zmed. It's back to school with lots of fine music and dance in this sequel to the great hit. Also stars Lorna Luft, Eve Arden, Sid Caesar and Tab Hunter. (1982) (115 min.)

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John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken. All-star film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical based on John Waters' 1988 film about a chubby girl with big hair in 1962 Baltimore who yearns to dance on an American Bandstand-like TV show. (2007) (117min)

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Halle Berry, Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer. From director Garry Marshall ("Pretty Woman,""Valentine's Day") comes this all-star, ensemble romantic comedy about various characters on New Year's Eve in New York City. (2011) (118min)

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Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer. A fast-talking, twentysomething salesman must return home after his father's death in order to put his estate in order and to reconnect with his estranged family. While there, he uncovers a startling secret that turns his world upside down. (2012) (113min)

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Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Roy Scheider, James Fox. Based on the best-selling novel by John le Carre. A British book publisher gets a package from Russia with love. Katya has sent him documents on Soviet nuclear capabilities. The British secret service sends him to find out more, but he's failing in love. CC. (1990) (123 min.)

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Al Pacino. Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer. Brian DePalma's blistering saga of a Cuban gangster dealing cocaine in South Florida is violent and controversial. Pacino's Tony Montana, though impossible to like is equally hard to ignore. (1983) (170 min.)

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