The Gold Club
With a membership in our acclaimed Gold Club, you get delivery and pick up service 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Unlike some companies that limit the scope of their service to a few blocks and limited hours, we deliver from 50th-100th streets, river to river, from our Upper East Side location, and south of Canal Street from our Battery Park City location - from the time we open, until we close.

We make renting your movies as easy as picking up the phone. Simply call us with your film selections and your delivery will be on its way in short order.

Not sure of what you want to see? One of our trained film enthusiasts will be happy to help. Or leaf through a copy of our extensive catalog (complimentary with membership), or simply browse our catalog online. And when you want to return your films, just call us and we'll do the rest.

No going outside just to rent or return movies on those nasty, rainy or snowy days. No waiting in line. Just kick back, relax, and let us do the work. Oh, yes, we can deliver popcorn and candy with your movies too!

Does all this cost a fortune? No way. Our annual membership fee is $89 per year. But wait - we give you back 12 FREE rentals (one per month) - a $54 value.

If you use your 12 rentals, your net cost is only $35 - $2.92 per month!! Less than $3 a month for unlimited pick up and delivery service.

We think that you'll agree with the thousands of people using our service - there's not a better value in all of New York City. Join Now!